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The SCALIBUR project (Scalable Technologies for Bio-Urban Waste Recovery) aims at improving biowaste collection and creating high value products, to have an overview of the SCALIBUR project, check out our project videos!

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Learning Repository

This module is designed for representatives of municipalities, public authorities, and local or regional waste managers, interested to learn about the concept of circular bio-economy, EU regulations on biowaste and how to help transforming your municipality practicing circularity principles applied to biowaste

Programmes introduced:

Outcome: By the end of this chapter you will have a better understanding of the principles of circular bio-economy, EU regulation on biowaste,  good practices of biowaste collection and treatment in the EU, SCALIBUR products and pilots, and the initial steps towards improving biowaste collection in your municipality in accordance to circularity principles.

Chapter 1- Circular bioeconomy in Europe

Chapter 2- EU regulations on biowaste

Chapter 3 – Best local practices on biowaste

Chapter 4- Implementing an urban circular bioeconomy

This module is designed for entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies wishing to enter the urban circular economy domain, interested to learn about the concept of circular bio-economy, EU support to circular business models, successful cases of circular businesses, and the emerging technologies

Programmes introduced:

Outcome: This module will help the learner (entrepreneurs, SMEs and companies) to gain knowledge in circular bioeconomy, it’s triple bottom-line benefits, the EU support to circular business models, successful examples, businesses opportunities arising in the urban bioeconomy, what solutions the SCALIBUR project is demonstrating, emerging technologies, how to enter the circular bioeconomy and biowaste domain or how to make your biowaste business more sustainable and circular.

Chapter 1 -  Why circular bioeconomy?

Chapter 2 - EU support to circular business models

Chapter 3 - Successful cases of circular businesses

Chapter 4 -  Emerging technologies